Countertops Bellevue


The right countertop can transform the way your kitchen looks and feels. It functions as a centerpiece, brightens the room, and with the right material can deliver multi-functionality. There are a range of options for countertops in Bellevue, but none are as desirable as stone. Stone countertops must be installed by professionals. You want a company that employs knowledgeable countertop installation technicians like the ones at Atlantic Tile & Granite. If you don’t, you might realize too late that your problems are much greater than a tiny bit of overhang.

Enjoy the benefits of a real stone countertop.

There are some great advantages to choosing a quartz, marble or granite counters that you won’t find in lesser materials. Just some of these benefits include:

  • Granite provides a stunning natural look and variations that make your countertop the only one of its kind.
  • Our countertops are naturally resistant to bacteria and heat. A pan can go straight from the stove to the counter without heat damage.
  • Cleaning is easy. Just use a little warm water and detergent.
  • Your countertop will improve your home’s value, and stone counters don’t depreciate in value like other materials.

Why choose granite specialists?

Other companies may claim to perform stone countertop installations—unfortunately for homeowners, their services don’t always stack up. At Atlantic Tile & Granite we’ve specialized in stone and tile work since we first opened for business. That means we’ve limited our disciplines, but our companies focus is entirely on a handful of services. This elevates the quality of our work, the standards we hold ourselves too, and has given us a reason to source the highest quality stone material at prices that help our customers save.

If you don’t choose a stone specialist, you may end up with:

  • Inadequate support for your counter. Stone is extremely durable, but also weighty. These countertops often need additional supports that other materials don’t require. If that support isn’t present your counter may cave in, ruining itself and damaging adjacent areas.
  • Added cost for the same work. Because stone counters must be custom cut and supported, a general contractor may not employ any experts in the process. When they sub-contract for countertop work (something we do not do at Atlantic Tile & Granite), you pay additional costs while work quality may suffer.
  • A limited range of choices. We aren’t just stone counter installation experts, we custom cut our countertops as well. Specialization means we can keep a wide variety of stone types on hand and the equipment required to finish them how you want them. This includes 11 choices for an edge profile alone!

Contact us today for your stone countertop.

We stand behind our workmanship and products, and have installed them in our own Bellevue homes. The beauty and strength of stone makes for a versatile and functional countertop. Your kitchen should provide you with everything you’re looking for, so call or contact us today to get started.