What type of services do you provide?

Although we specialize in stone fabrication and installation we are general contractors who can take care of all your building needs. We have done a lot of bathroom and kitchen renovations and even built custom homes. 


What should I provide in order to get a quote from you?

Provide a rough sketch of your countertops with measurements, or a cabinet blueprint. Mention what material your countertops are made of and if you want us to remove them. Also include a color, stone, 4” matching stone or full tile backsplash preference. 


How often do I need to seal my stone countertops?

We recommend that you seal your stone every  6-12 months after the install.


What product do I use to seal my stone?

Miracle Sealants 32 oz. 511 Impregnator Penetrating Sealer


What to clean my natural stone countertops with?

Miracle Tile and Stone Cleaner or soap and water.


What to clean or maintain my quartz with?

Any all purpose cleaner should be fine. 


What to clean a stain with thats on my white quartz?

Bar Keepers Friend- Soft Cleanser and Magic Eraser


Are your on site visits free?

Yes, we provide free onsite estimate which does include design consultation in our showroom but does not include drawings or layouts of potential variations of the project. Which can be provided at an additional charge. 


How long will the install of my backsplash take?

If you have existing tile in place, we will cut out the drywall with tile replace the drywall, patch it up on the first day. On the second day we will set the tile if the tile sets and is ready to be grouted it will be done on the second day. If it takes longer to set due to weather it will take 3 days to finish.


Will the installers demolish my existing countertops the same day?

Yes, the removal of your existing countertops will happen the same day if we are doing it.


How long will my kitchen countertops install take with demolition if my kitchen is medium size?

It depends on what material we are removing. If its tile countertop demolition it will take longer than any other material. Demolition alone can take up anywhere from 2-4 hrs. Installation of a kitchen will take anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on how complicated the install is. Altogether kitchen installation can take up to 4-8


How long will it take for installation of my vanity no removal needed but there is a mirror?

It could take up to 2 days. The install will take anywhere from 1-3 hrs depending on how big or small, if it has seams or backsplashes, waterfalls if the cabinets are not aligned and we need to shim the countertops and level them. Typically if there is a backsplash that needs to go under the mirror we will have to measure it after the countertops are installed and the top has cured for at least a day. 


If I want full stone backsplash will it be installed the same day?

No, we will install kitchen countertops one day and schedule a template the following day allowing them to cure. We will need a few days for fabrication depending on how busy we are we will install it 7-10 business days after.


What is your lead time if we schedule a countertop job with you?

Typically if we schedule a template or laser measurement we can install 7-10 business days after, depending on how busy we are. (Summer is a busy season for us.)


What do I need on the day of template?

Your countertops need to be cleared off. Your cabinets or vanities need to be in their final position and installed. We can measure with or without countertops it won’t make a difference.

Make sure that your sinks are on site if your providing them. All appliances need to be onsite as well. And have your 50% deposit ready.


How can I be ready on the day of install?

Remove all drawers or empty them. Demolition will cause dust and debris. Cover everything that is directly under the countertops to protect it from dust and debris. 


How dusty will the installation be?

It will be dusty, our installers will clean to broom condition. So if there is dust left behind don’t be surprised they are not cleaners but installers. ( We do offer cleaning services at additional cost.)


Are drains and faucets included in your sink price?

No, we do not carry faucets or drains. They are typically sold as a set if your not sure what to get ask us we will recommend an option based on your existing plumbing.


Can I provide the tile and you install it?

Absolutely, you can provide whatever material and we will install it. (Tile, cabinetry, flooring)


How long will my kitchen remodel take?

We estimate 4-8 weeks if everything is ordered promptly and there is no delay or hold backs on materials or selections and if there are no complications that arise. 


What is tile edge finish?

It sometimes comes in a pencil, bullnose or schluter.


Do you install tile countertops?

No, we do not.


Do you install butcher block?

No, we do not we don’t have the machinery for it.


Can I reuse my plumbing fixtures, if I am using your plumber?

If our plumber is reconnecting your plumbing workmanship warranty will be waived and additional labor and cost may apply.


Can I reuse my plumbing if I am hiring my own plumber?

If your hiring your own plumber. Please have him disconnect plumbing prior to our installers arrival and schedule accordingly for reconnection after the installation is complete.


Can I have your installers disconnect my plumbing for reuse for your plumber?

Yes, but we are not responsible for any missing parts from plumbing.


What type of payments do you accept?

Cash, check or credit cards although there is a 3% processing fee on all cards.


What do I need for a backsplash installation if I am providing tile?

Tile with 15% extra just in case some are broken or damaged in the cutting process. Grout in a color that works best with the tile of your selection. Edge finish, some tile comes with matching bullnose or pencil if it doesn’t schluter is a great option. 


Will my undermount kitchen sink ever come unattached?

Our kitchen sinks are attached in the following order: First our installers clean and degrease the stone using acetone or alcohol. Then they apply adhesive. Followed by an installation of a wire harness that is drilled into your cabinets. Unless you cut the wire harness off your sink should not fall off. 


My undermount kitchen sink fell off the countertop, can you reattach it?

Yes, we can. Make sure everything in your cabinet is cleared out so it’s not in the way for the installer. If we are not available soon just prop the sink up with a 2×4.


Can I order just the tile through you?

Yes, but we are not responsible for pick up or delivery of the material.


Do you install tile?

Walls, backsplashes, accents, showers, flooring, pools, outdoors, residential or commercial and fireplaces.


Do you offer plumbing work?

Yes, we offer plumbing relocation, reconnection, faucet and drain installation, angle stops replacement, p traps, shower heads, tub fillers.


Do you offer HVC services?

Yes, heating and cooling, reconnection of gas cooktops. 


Do you offer stone restoration services? 

Yes, we offer stone refinish, polishing, filling cracks and chips.


Do you offer custom glass?

Yes, shower doors, panels, shower slide doors.


Please contact us and we will answer any questions you have about our services, materials, portfolio and more. Call us (253) 277-3444 or send us an email.

DISCLAIMER: We offer limited service area please let us know before getting a quote.