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Granite Countertops

Granite counters give your kitchen and home a unique look. Every granite countertop is different. Natural variations in mineral formation and composition form unique granite types. That makes each one a beautiful work of art. Granite isn’t for everybody, though; if you aren’t willing to have it installed professionally by stone counter installation technicians, you may find your counter on the floor. That’s why homeowners call on the experts at Atlantic Tile & Granite when they want a countertop that will last a lifetime. 

Why choose granite countertops?

Besides looking amazing, there are some excellent reasons to choose granite countertops. Just some of the benefits of granite counters include:

  • Granite is heat resistant up to 500 F. You can place pots and pans directly from the stove to the counter without damage!
  • Granite is relatively porous. But our complimentary sealant makes it easy to clean and bacteria resistant. Just use water and soap.
  • Granite adds value. Our countertops improve the value of your home. Unlike laminates, they won’t depreciate significantly over time.
  • Granite is durable. Stone naturally resists heat, cuts, abrasions, and can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.
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We specialize in countertops. That means you’re guaranteed to get expert craftsmanship at every step. We also make luxury counters affordable by performing every process in-house. Using on-staff experts for fabrication, design, and installation eliminates the need to outsource. That reduces costs for every one of our valued clients. It also means we provide exceptional:

Countertop fabrication – Our fabricators work with you on the design of your countertops. We look at the space, what you want to accomplish, and make recommendations accordingly. We cut your counter to any shape and decoratively edge it accordingly.


Countertop support – Stone counters are heavy. Seattle home and business owners want theirs to last. That means choosing a company with skilled carpenters on staff. When you choose us, that’s what you get. Our carpenters can account for shifting loads, weight distribution, and even seasonal swelling and shrinking of wood. This means your counter will be properly supported and built to last.


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