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Exterior or interior, whole house or just one room; our professional designers, craftsman and installers will work with your and your remodel project, every step of the way. Home remodeling, no matter how large or small the project, can add value and livability to your home. We have transformed over 5,000 homes. Take a look at some examples of our work, then call us to begin your remodel process. 

Process Step Overview


Initial Consultation


Preliminary Agreement


Construction Stage


Your Dream Space


An initial consultation for a remodeling project is a crucial first step where you discuss your project’s goals, requirements, and vision.


  • During the initial consultation, you’ll meet with us to discuss your remodeling project. The primary focus is on establishing clear communication and determining the scope of work. 
  • Project Discussion: You’ll describe your goals, vision, and the improvements you want to make to your space. Be as detailed as possible about your needs and preferences.
  • Budget Discussion: You’ll talk about your budget range, and we will help you understand what’s feasible within that budget. It’s important to be open about your financial constraints.
  • Timeline: You’ll discuss your expected project timeline and any specific timing constraints you may have, such as special events or holidays.
  • With the scope of work in place, Atlantic Tile and Granite will provide you a preliminary estimate. This is an initial cost projection based on the project’s scope and your budget.


Once we’ve established the basis for our work, we’ll move on to the next step, which includes:


       Design and planning:

  • Design Concept: Working with architects or designers, you develop a design concept for the remodel. This includes layout changes, material choices, and fixture selections.
  • Detailed Plans: Once the concept is approved, detailed architectural plans and construction drawings are created.
  • Permits: We assist in securing any necessary permits from local authorities.
  • Material Selection:  You schedule an appointment in our showroom to select specific material, finishes, and fixtures for the project.

Finalizing the schedule:

  • Schedule: We create a project schedule with clear milestones and timelines for each phase.
  • Coordination: The schedule should consider the coordination of various trades (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.).
  • Client Input: You have an opportunity to review and approve the project schedule to ensure it aligns with your timing needs.


The next step includes everything from finalizing details to beginning construction. As home remodelers in Eastside and King County, we work hard to keep our construction on schedule so you can be one step closer to your finished home.


Construction phase: 


Once all permits are in place, materials are sourced, and the project is meticulously planned, the construction phase can commence. This stage includes several key elements. Atlantic Tile and Granite provides you with updates along the whole construction phase.


Project updates: 


Effective project updates ensure that you are informed and involved throughout the construction phase, allowing you to make decisions, address issues promptly, and maintain clear communication with the construction team. If there are changes or modifications to the project’s scope, these should be documented in change orders with updated timelines and costs.

If any issues or unexpected challenges arise, the contractor provides solutions and a plan for resolution.Consider visiting the construction site periodically to observe the progress and address any concerns directly. 

The construction phase is an exciting time as you witness your renovation project taking shape. It’s also a period when close collaboration with us and effective project management can help ensure a successful and satisfying remodel.




The final step is simple — stepping into your newly renovated dream home.



Final Walkthrough


The final walkthrough is a crucial step in the house remodeling process. It provides you with the opportunity to inspect the completed work, identify any issues or concerns, and ensure that the project meets your expectations before it’s considered finished. 


If you notice any issues or have questions during the walkthrough, discuss them with your contractor or project manager. They should be prepared to address your concerns and make necessary adjustments or corrections.



And the rest is history.

Recent Reviews:

Larry Enrico
Larry Enrico
Bathroom Remodel
Read More
We are extremely pleased with the complete bathroom remodel completed by Atlantic Tile and Granite in less than five weeks. After getting five estimates from different companies, we chose AT&G because of the way the estimate was organized and detailed by Max, our Project Manager. He was able to listen to what we had in mind, and shape our ideas into an easy to read plan of action. As Project Manager, Max communicated with us daily to let us know which workers were coming and when. We knew exactly what they would be doing and what was expected from us. Everyone who entered our house treated it with respect.
Gabe Levijarvi
Gabe Levijarvi
Bathroom Remodel
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ATG just finished their thrird project in our home, a hallway bathroom, in addition to a primary bedroom bath and a laundry room. The PM, Max, communicated the schedule upfront and ensured we had materials needed for each trade. Progress photos were sent along the way and there was clear communication on upcoming work. The met a requested completion deadline due to having houseguests. Happy with the quality of the work, tile, drywall, paint, etc. Thanks to Max and ATG.
Scott Houghtaling
Scott Houghtaling
Bathroom Remodel
Read More
I had to demo a bathtub and tile surround. I got a few bids. ATG Built wasn’t the lowest bid, but I appreciated their careful description of the whole process, including the waterproof tile backing they were going to use, the Schluter product (that covers the edges of the tile), and the granite shelf bottoms. Ivan was the technician who did the actual job. He did a great job with framing out a shower box and a window. He explained everything along the way. We hadn’t initially planned to demo the current floor tile and reinstall something nicer, but after a careful conversation with Ivan and Thomas, I agreed to proceed with floor tile as well as bathtub surround. It didn’t feel like an “upsell,” it felt like the right thing to do to make the bathroom look as great as it could. When it comes time to redo tile in the rest of our house, we will definitely request a bid from ATG Built and will probably use them again.
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