For many homeowners, nothing works better for their kitchen countertops than quartzite. Although many people mistake it for quartz, it has very many differences. One of their significant differences is the formation process of quartzite. This is a natural stone created through exposure to high temperatures and pressure.

This combination results in solid interlocking quartz grains. You can quarry quartzite from different locations. If you’re looking for a natural, durable and affordable stone countertop, quartzite is your thing. 

Advantages of Quartzite 


This is a natural stone with many similarities to granite, including longevity and hardness. Its unique formation increases its resistance to water and heat, which highly contributes to its durability. The stone is also highly resistant to etching-causing acid. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

There are very many options when it comes to the color theme and patterns of quartzite countertops. Therefore, you can choose one that agrees with your home décor. It also provides an elegant look that enhances the beauty of your bathroom or kitchen. Each quartzite slab features unique characteristics that make it an exclusive addition to your home. Its natural distinction in pattern and color themes makes it an excellent option for high-traffic areas. 

Low Maintenance 

Cleaning and maintaining quartzite countertops is easier, thanks to the installation sealant. Its cleaning doesn’t require anything unique, just warm water and soap. Certain cleaning products containing chemicals may harm the adhesive, so it’s advisable to steer clear of them.


Quartzite is more pocket-friendly than other natural stones like marble and granite. If you are shopping for durable and affordable countertop materials, quartzite is a perfect option. 

Disadvantages of Quartzite


Quartzite can easily absorb chemicals, and without proper sealant, it can get stained very fast. If a burn mark is absorbed into the stone, you may have to replace the entire countertop.

Difficult to Install 

Quartzite’s substantial weight poses a challenge when it comes to installation. You’re thus forced to hire a seasoned professional with natural-stone expertise. Improper installation exposes it to chips, cracks and other damages. 

Quartzite is a multipurpose material that fits well in bathrooms and kitchens due to its resilience and durability. For reliable and professional installation services, contact Atlantic Tile & Granite.