We obtained bids from several vendors before selecting ATG, who we ultimately chose due to the positive reviews coupled with their competitive pricing. The remodel included our master bathroom, kid?s bathroom and guest bathroom, which took 6 weeks to complete plus about 2 weeks of post-remodel follow up fixes and touch ups. What went well:They actually responded when I called for a bid. I called multiple companies and ATG was the quickest to respond.(I had one company call me 2 months after my initial call).  Rocky provided the bid. He showed up on time and spent about an hour to understand what we needed, explained options, measured, gave us ballpark figures and provided high level time frames. He was informative and answered all our questions.  Nataliya was incredibly helpful and took the time to help us understand the bid once we received it. We researched the design and color palettes prior to setting up time to meet with Nataliya, who patiently helped with the many selections for tile, granite, cabinet and sink combinations. We spent an entire afternoon going through all the selections and coordinating for  different bathrooms. Even though we had a design in mind, coming up with the tile and granite combinations got a little overwhelming and I learned a lot in the process. (On a side note, learning which tiles have a bullnose cut was  important since we wanted rounded edges for the baseboards and shower trims. It limited some of the selections because not every tile style had a bullnose available). I truly appreciated the time she took to go through the selections and explain the various options.   It was nice to have the granite, tile, and cabinet samples are all located in the warehouse. This saved us a significant  amount of time, preventing us from having to various shops and coordinating with multiple suppliers. ATG is a one stop shop with a large selection of tile and granite with Nataliya coordinating all the orders.     Billing: what we were quoted is what we paid. There were no surprises and any changes were items incurred by us. (We added the kid?s bathtub/shower and tiling a few weeks into the project.) The granite, tile, sinks and vanities were all included in the bid. I compared it with the other bids obtained which only provided labor and foundational materials – ATG?s was the most competitive. The only area we outsourced ourselves was painting given that the sub-contractor charged quite a hefty fee.    The crew: the tile, granite and cabinet installers were all tenured ATG employees ? this was beneficial for continuity and consistency of the work. The plumbers and electrician were sub-contracted who ATG has solid relationships with, helping ensure quality of workmanship and expediting any issues we encountered along the way.  They covered our floors with plastic and cleaned up daily. The tile cutter and majority of supplies were in the garage during the process and when they were complete, our garage was cleaner than when they started! This was a bit of a bonus.   Last but not least, I could not sing enough praises about Thomas! He was to the entire remodel and ensured things went  as smoothly as possible. Again, given that this was our first remodel, I had many questions and concerns along the way ? often times what seemed like a major issue ended up being easily remedied. Thomas was always responsive and never treated any of my questions as trivial. Because the primary crew were his employees, he was able to get commitment on anything that potentially impeded progress. In addition, it was clear he had solid partnerships with the sub-contractors, who also responded quickly to remedy any bumps we encountered. Despite the fact that he was coordinating multiple remodels at once (with no Project Manager to help), he always responded and gave me the heads-up if he was going to be away. Here are some examples of how he provided superior customer service. Examples of superior customer service:We encountered an issue with bad grout in 2 of the bathrooms which turned multi-colored after drying (different shades of white, pink, beige and black when it was supposed to be beige). Thomas thoroughly researched, kept me engaged in the process and determined that that it was caused by a bad batch of grout. We discussed various options to correct and in the end, he recommended re-grouting with a new batch or grout from an entirely different manufacturer. I don?t think the installer was too happy about having to re-grout 2 bathrooms, but it was the right thing to do so Thomas instructed the  installer to re-do it.  He noticed that one of the granite back splashes in the guest bath was uneven and had his crew re-do the area. Another  time, there was a scratch in one of the vanity panels, so he had the entire panel replaced the next day.  Post-completion, one of the light bulbs in a fixture broke, with the light bulb base melting into the fixture itself.  Thomas tried to fix it himself but it was stuck, so he had the electrician come out later in the week. The other issue we encountered was in the main bathroom shower which was making loud drumming sounds in the wall. In addition, only a few of the spouts from the rain shower  were actually working.  He called the plumbers to come out and diagnose. After several hours of troubleshooting, they determined  that the root cause was a flow restrictor in the shower head and fixed it on the spot.  The only cons are aesthetics related. Some of the tiles in our master bath have strange marks that look like dirt-like ?stains? which I learned were part of how they were manufactured. I?m not sure why they were installed since it doesn?t match the rest of the color palette, but fortunately it?s slight enough that it?s not too noticeable.  Post-remodel, the grout in one of the shower corners cracked but instead of re-grouting it was caulked over. We?ll get this re-grouted and re-caulked in the future since the remedy works for now. Overall however, the tile work was very good. Other than these few ?hiccups?, the experience was fairly positive. We LOVE our remodeled bathrooms!

Work description:  Remodeled 3 bathrooms. Complete demo of the master and kid’s bathrooms.Demo of guest bathroom floor and sink/vanity (we retained the original shower).  Master bathroom: installed new tub and built tub deckwith tile, expanded old shower area with new water proofed tiled shower, installed new tile floors, granite counter tops, toilet, vanities, sinks, light fixtures and 2 fans  Kids bathroom: installed new shower/tub, tiled the tub/shower area, installed tile floors, granite counter tops, vanities, sinks, toilets, 2 fans  Guest bathroom: installed new tile floors, granite counter top, vanity and sink.

Cathy Dino
Sammamish, WA 98075