Tomas was highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. When he saw our old bathrooms, he immediately knew what needed to be done even before we tried to explain it. He also had some ideas that we did not even think of, such as raising the ceiling in one bathroom and expanding the shower area in the other. He also was very honest and did not try to upsell anything else. He even told me that some of the things I had in mind were probably not worth it and saved us some money.  Our guest bathroom was in the worst shape, so we had to completely demolish everything. His crew arrived at our house promptly and completed the tear-down within a day. There was a miscommunication between me and my parents, so we did not have the parts that Tomas needed to keep remodeling the bathroom, so that delayed the process. However, I put the blame on me and not them because we were not ready when they came. This also messed up the subcontractor schedules, so make sure you have all the parts they ask for before they come! Tomas was, however, very patient and clearly explained everything we needed to get, so it worked out in the end. They were nice enough to put down plastic sheeting on the ground to keep the carpet from getting dirty while they were working. All the subcontractors were very skilled, professional, and pleasant.  Tomas was very accommodating, and he was generally available if I needed to get in touch with about something or had a question. He was very receptive to my parents’ and my calls, and he always got back to me, even if it was almost 11pm!  The quality of the tile and the workmanship was excellent. They also know their tile, so if you are looking for a professional installation and consult, these are the guys to ask over the retail home improvement outlets.  After the first bathroom neared completion, they started work on the master bedroom. They installed these beautiful shampoo boxes into the wall in the shower area, which we really like. They also were kind enough to do extra work such as the plumbing and replacing the doors, etc. for a rate that was cheaper than if I hired other contractors to do it.  They also did a good job of cleanup after they were done, and also asked us to take a few days to make sure everything was up to our satisfaction or if anything else needed tweaking or fixing. I really appreciated that.  Overall, they are very reasonable priced for the quality work they do. Actually they were the 2nd least expensive bid we had, but their reputation was important to us, so we went with them. It was definitely worth it. Our bathrooms are gorgeous and are now updated from the 1970s to a more sleek modern look.  The entire process from the first day or construction to finishing took 2 months for 3 bathrooms, which is actually a lot faster than I expected for full tear-downs and renovations. So they are timely.  During the process, I recommend that you keep a line open to Tomas or whoever is in charge to keep abreast of the schedule and who and what is going to happen. There were a lot of moving parts to the renovation, but Tomas was able to keep us up-to-date on what is going on whenever we asked.  All in all, we are very pleased with Atlantic Tile  Granite and would definitely use them again if we need additional kitchen or bathroom renovations.

Work description: Atlantic Tile Granite renovated three of our bathrooms. They replaced the vinyl floors with tile and replaced essentially everything. It was a complete tear-down and reconstruction.

Dennis Lee
Mill Creek, WA 98012