Excellent Experience!

Liliya and Natalya were great. It was Liliya with whom we worked the most, and from day 1 when we first met and she showed us options for our kitchen counter, she was fantastic. We were clear to let her know our general thoughts and goals about the project, but we wanted to her to be honest about trends and her opinion based on her experience. She provided the input we requested, and she nailed it!

She was also very patient. We started email communication immediately, and I kept her up to date with work I was doing with our kitchen cabinets. With the arrival of the pandemic and all the issues and delays from that, from start to finish, it was a while before we could actually schedule the site assessment and installation of the counters. Once we got the ball rolling, it was a quick process.

The installers were awesome. It was necessary for one seam in a long section of counter. Mike, who is a ‘seam artist,’ was the “Bob Ross” of mixing colors, and he did a phenomenal job. I doubt anyone will notice it unless they know where it is.

We chose to do a back-splash with tiles we purchased several months earlier; however, they have a great selection of tiles in their showroom. While I chose to do the demo of the kitchen and install the back-splash myself, they could have performed those tasks as well.

Everyone involved was professional and clearly took pride in their consultation and their work. My wife and I would not hesitate to have them do more work for us. I would also say that they give excellent advice, and we chose to listen. That was wise, and as a result, we have transformed our kitchen.

Michael Gordon
Puyallup, WA
$4300 for Quartz Counter and Installation + $500 for new sink and faucet.